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#65 Twisted Theory

Okay, over a week since my last post, sorreh.

So thing's have been busy. I just finished a whole week of Moral Education with the classmates. We had fun, with the sketches, endless taiti and even doing charity work. Despite the slight (heartbreaking) misunderstanding on the last day, it was pretty good.

I signed up for a membership at Celebrity Fitness and as soon as I signed the contract, I regretted it. I mean, it's money I'm promising to pay for that I don't have. Plus Zoukout is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm broke as hell. There's like, RM6.20 left in my bank account wtfish.

Which is why I now have two jobs :) I went back to teaching at Enopi, I missed the kids a lot. And I'm getting RM8 an hour now, which is awesome. I also got a job in Cloth and Sash, a boutique in Bangsar as well. Today was my first day and I must say it was an interesting experience. I don't get as much as I do tutoring, but it's all good. On average, I'd probably earn about RM1200 a month, which is more than good enough.

Last Friday, we celebrated Ms Hillary Ang's 18th party, organised by yours truly. It was good, but the live band was noisy, hahah. I suppose everyone had a good time, especially the birthday girl, with 3 surprises on one night :) After that I headed down to MOS with SAM people, and the crowd was really sucky. They played techno all night, not really my favourite. But I had a blast from the past with a certain someone towards the end of the night *winks

Happy birthday woman, love you banyak

4/5ths of the Kaki Dilemma and I (;

Yeah, birthday happy ;p

I know I have a stoned face in pretty much all the pictures, I'm not sure why, but yeah. Hahah.

Au revoir.

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#64 Time of your lives.


Corroboree was last night, and it was awesome! After-party was even better, although the music was quite bad, and the crowd wasn't really great.

After I had my hair done at Shawn Cutler, I went to Pyramid will Hillary for a bit. In the spur of the moment, I got my tragus pierced, lol. Wasn't a great idea, since my right ear was throbbing the whole evening. Forgot about it after awhile, but still :)

Reached the hotel around 3, was running around getting things done till 5.30, then got ready. While I'm at it, a big thankyou and hugs to all the committee members; Joe Ian, Eng Khim, Chee Wai, Yi Hui, Chen Shin, Sheila (although she came really, really late ;p), Mervin, Jillian, and of course, the awesome Ms. Low!

I think I looked kinda fat in my dress, haha. Prom King&Queen was a total embarrassment, ugh, calculator girl, haha pfft.

But of course, after party at Coco Banana. I followed Kenn and Rizal, didn't know many people there, but Haikal and Ehsan was there. Danced a lot, can't feel legs now. Didn't drink much as I wasn't looking forward to getting drunk. Dad picked me up at 3ish, although he said 2, hehe. I had loads of fun, except for a few people with their sarcastic remarks that tried to ruin my night, but oh well :)

I remember feeling an overwhelming sadness that everything was going to end, when everyone was walking around, taking pictures. I was going to miss everyone, everything. The whole library group, classmates, and every other random person I've come to know. But you know what, I don't suppose that this is the end. We've all got so many things planned, I'm excited for the future. Now that we've got studies out of the way, let's get our rockstars on, ay? :D

All the pictures will be on youtube, malas la nak upload one by one on blogspot.

Au revoir!

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#63 Like a waste of space

Hey! As promised, a new post!

And yes, it's the day before my last paper in college. I can't believe it's all over. The past few months have been nothing but awesome, and I'm honestly glad to have met so many amazing people, and I'm seriously not saying all of this out of obligation or formalities. I really mean it when I say I loved meeting everyone (;

Anyways, no point looking back on what is done, but to look forward to the future. And I must say, the next weeks to come is going to be crazy for me. I'll be posting on where I'll be for the coming days.

Saturday, 13th November

I was thinking of dropping by Laundry, at the Curve for The Laundry Festival 2010 from 2pm onwards, since it's been way too long since was involved in the local music scene, and it's about time.

But I'll be leaving early though, if I do go, for THE BIG CAMPUS CHRISTMAS PARTY @ The Acts Church!

You should totally come, students from colleges all over Malaysia will be there, and my church will be launching it's Christmas Cheer programme, where we give back to the community this Christmas (:

Sunday, 14th November 2010

Hopeful for a rest during the day, but in the evening I'll be heading down to Puchong for the Change Your World party, exclusive to UMTD leaders only *ehem. Justin Yee and I, as leaders for MAD4KL, will be there to (I think) discuss new ventures. Previously, we've already done a refugee visit, city clean up, and feed the poor although I couldn't make it for the last one. I'm excited for this! (:

Monday, 15th November 2010

I must say that I can't wait for this, but I know I'll be doing a lot of running around, seeing I'm part of the committee. And plus, embarrassing myself as I was nominated for prom queen. Ha ha. Epic shit.
Can't wait for the after party either!

Friday, 19th November 2010

Pharvisha is planning a party in MOS, I think! (:

Saturday, 20th November 2010
Thanks to Nikki Jackson, who is endlessly stealing tickets for us from Media Prima, I've got 5 VIP tickets to Shout! Awards. However, I think they have not been promoting enough, coz every friend I invite goes, "What's that?" when I mention Shout! Awards. Meh. Last year was pretty good though, I remember being really crazy over Bunkface, and even got myself Sam's guitar pick (: Still love them though, hehe. Heard that IYAZ will be performing this year!

24th-26th November 2010

I volunteered myself to be a helper at Acts Kids Time Quest, VBS :)

 Excited about this too, as you know how I love them kids :D :D

Haha, I think I wrote this post as a reminder to myself about all these upcoming things. I'm excited for everything that's to come, but for now, Spec Maths!

Wish me luck!

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#62 Bare necessities of life

Wow, hey.

Like how my previous few posts began, it's been awhile since I've updated. Truth be told, it wasn't that I didn't have time, or had nothing to say, I just never got down to writing down the details, sometimes just plain lazy to bother or just lacking inspiration to put my thoughts into words.

Things have been insane, I went through a couple of rough patches, but I pulled through, and came out stronger. But before this post becomes a cliche (like everything else is), I think I'll just touch on a few things that have been happening.

I'm in the midst of my finals, with 3 out of 5 papers done and never to be thought of again (till that one week before Christmas when they release my results). I'm not even thinking about how badly I'm going to fail my Spec Maths paper, or the crap that I crapped out for my English paper. On a lighter note however, Maths was pretty good, and I'm quite optimistic about Chemistry tomorrow. Rest assured that this nightmare will all be over on Friday (;

I've been going out a lot too. Scored myself free tickets to Adam Lambert, owe mum about RM200+ for my Paramore ROCKZONE tickets which was totally worth it. Was at Changkat with Jocelyn & Josh, which turned out pretty bad, won't go into details. Skipped out on Mutant Mayhem, as much as I regret now as it was the weekend before my finals (joy). Besides a few outings here and there, things have been good.

Of course, not forgetting the amount of time I have been spending in the college library, studying. No, scratch that, talking, getting to know more people and lazing around, more like. It's funny how the number of people I get to know in the last few weeks of college is the number of people I got to know throughout the duration of my course multiplied by three. Every guy I checked out, every girl I had a bad first impression on, are now people I spend daily musings with. I can't help but sit in the library and end up waving or having empty talk with one person or another every few minutes.

And of course, a small heartbreak with a certain guy. It wasn't a big deal. I knew what I wanted from the relationship, and he didn't, so we ended things, although we were only going out for a week, if you consider short lunches and rides home as 'dating'. We didn't catch a movie together, go for dinner or anything of the sort so, meh. Currently, my heart is in it's usual state of mixed emotions, uncertainty, overreaction and self-induced pain, with another certain boy who has my heart racing every time I think of him. Words come out weird, I don't act myself, and everything I do seems to push us further apart. Again, I know what I want, and I want nothing less. So till then, heart racing, weird words.

I think I'll end my post for the day month here. Hopefully it doesn't take me another day-before-exam-boredom to post another post. But till then, au revoir lovelies!

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