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#16 A heightened state of paranoia

Hey hello hi,

I know I haven't updated in a long time, again. I stayed with my dad in the city for about 4 nights, that's why. Hilton Sydney to be precise.

I did a lot of walking. Like seriously. My toes are all cramped up. But it was soo worth it. Well, it rained a few days and it was really windy and cold, haha so much for summer. We went to Darling Harbour, King's Cross Street, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House and pretty much everywhere in the city. Sam and I almost went bazonkers when we saw all the clothes. But even with the Boxing Day sales, things are still really really expensive.

People here are Everything they do is for the environment. They don't use plastic bags, they have buses that don't release greenhouse gases, and they recycle everything! But the food, dayum. It's so good but really costly. And if the price of the food doesn't kill me, the Aussie boys will :p Jyeahh, eye candy here is everywhere! Drives me nuts, tau :x

Most of the updates go to my other blog, linked in my previous post, and all other pictures will go into a flickr account which I will set up soon..when I don't feel too lazy to post about 700+ pictures of only 4 days :)

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#15 Of Cuppacino and alone time

Hey, so I finally managed to update my blog, but still not on my laptop. I don't know why it just can't connect to the internet, while my sister's iTouch has no problem. I'm currently using my cousin's boyfriend, Jed's PC.

Things have been good, I'm feeling much better but my nose is peeling ._. The food here is awesome, but again, really expensive. I try really hard to be frugal but everything is just so..tempting. I just want everythinggg :D

The people here are eerily friendly. They greet you when you enter their shops, smile at you on the streets and let you squeak at their dogs. I feel really at home, which I guess is good. Sam and I were in Broadway, a shopping mall here in Glebe. Oh btw, Glebe is a suburb, so it's kinda small and we walk everywhere. My legs hurt a little from all the uphills and downhills but I think I'm getting used to it. Frankly, I'm just loving it here.

I miss my mum. And friends. It doesn't feel like I'm missing out on much but I still want to be around them. But dad says I need "change" kan, so what the heck, I'm just taking a day at a time.

Most of my detailed updates will be here : with pictures and stuff so yeah :)

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#14 Of flu and aircraft pressure


My first blog post in Australia! I arrived this morning at 9.30 local time. It's 3 hours ahead here compared to M'sia, so you do the math. My flight was horrible! I already had a slight flu before I boarded the plane, and then it was cold, and the aircraft pressure was making everything worse. I sneezed the whole 8 hours and now my nose is so sore, it ain't funny.

When I arrived, first thing we did was take Kinoko, Isabel's dog for a walk. And by walk, I don't mean your typical Malaysian 'just walk around the corner and back' kind of walk. This walk took ages! I think we walked about 4km, around the harbour (not sure which one though) and through the streets. It was so completely normal for people to unleash their dogs and let them walk around here *sigh. I saw tons of dogs that made me want to grab one and just run off -_-

We're having takeaway pizza for dinner and I tell you, the food here is NOT cheap. But it's sooo worth it. I didn't take any pictures because frankly, I was just way to sick and tired. This fever is neither wanted nor needed -.-

I created another blog for pictures and stuff for when I'm in Australia. I'll post the URL as soon as its up.

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#13 He said, "It's once in a lifetime, Dee"

Whoopeee, I'm back from prom! Everything was okay. It wasn't really boring coz I had fun watching DUrians have fun. I hardly knew anyone so the dancing was awkward for me. I just sat and bobbed my head to the music. I slow danced with Yee Weng and Amir though, haha. Errr.

Took some pictures, but they're like in everyone's cameras so I'll just wait to be tagged. Their prom queen um.. wore Converse. And the prom king.. haha no comments. Saw this really hot guy there though, but Yee Weng told me he just broke up. Gah. I'm no rebound. Hahahahahaha.

I wore make-up for the first time everrrr. I hated it though. And my dress was a tad bit loose so I had to keep pulling it up. And dinner was gooood.

I'll be going to Pavillion tmrw, and my blog posts are getting shorter and more boring. Haha bye.

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#12 Big lights will inspire you

Its 2 in the afternoon, and I just woke up 5 minutes ago. I'm supposed to pack clothes for a night, get ready, and be at SMKDU by 5. Dang. And here I am blogging.

I mean, getting ready is no problem, I can be done in half an hour. But it's PROM. I made a huuuge mistake by buying Seventeen and looking at SMKDJ's prom pictures. Now I feel so...incomplete. My heels are so plain, my dress in kinda informal compared to anything those girls wore and I don't even plan on applying make-up! Fuuuuccckkkk.

I'm also considering bringing my new camera. Should I? Haha. Knowing me, I'd prolly put it somewhere and forget about it :/

Okeangs, I really have to start getting ready. Maybe I'll ask mum to help me with make-up. Um. Haha.

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#11 Hehehe

Hi, ignore the title. Haha.

First thing I did this morning was well um, got into a fight with my mum. But it's all cool now :) She dropped me off at my piano teacher, Beh Beh's house. Met up with Khei Qi and Khei Sze and we went for lunch somewhere in Taman Sea. It's been aaaages since I saw them. Qi's already so skinny and she lost even more weight -_-

We were supposed to go to OU or The Curve but my dad suddenly called and said he wanted to meet up. He picked me up and we went to OU anyway. Sorry Haris :(

The greatest thing ever in my life happened, HE BOUGHT ME A D-SLR CAMERA! Finally, after 3 years of notreally saving money and hoping every birthday and Christmas, I have it :D I know he bought it for me so that I would feel happier about going to Aussie but hey, who's complaining? ;p

Does it bother anyone that I never post pictures or that my blog is so fucking plain? It bothers me though. Haha. Bila laa nak buat header lawa lawa ni *winks

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#10 We could pop bottles all night

Hey, so today was pretty boring. Other than the fact that the night before I spent 5 hours with Haris on the phone, and then about another 2 in the day. I fell asleep on him though, haha I feel bad about it. Happy Birthday again, Haris, although there's only like 10 minutes left. Heh.

Went for Ferhat's father majlis tahlil. He passed on because of terminal lung and tracheal cancer because of too much smoking. So to you smokers out there, watch out (!)

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#9 B-b-breaking my back just to know your name

Hey. As said earlier, I was at Sunway today. I was there at about 11, it was early so I decided to window shop since I had no moolah. I hate the fact that I allow myself to be tempted, especially when I was in Miss Selfridge, I almost went bazonkers -.- To satisfy myself, I bought a ring for RM19 at Forever 21. I refused to go into Topshop so I just sat in Pappa Rich for almost an hour. I saw Putra at some restaurant though, haha okay, no relevance.

At about 1, I was getting kinda frustrated, so I just leaned over the banister at the main entrance waiting for Zakwan. Something really random happened, a Nigerian guy came to me and spoke to me. Just being friendly, I layan la kan. Next thing I knew, he was talking about wanting a girlfriend for Christmas and how he likes that I'm not scared of him like other Malaysians. Dude, truth was, I was dying to run away. Then he started talking about things he shouldn't be talking about so I texted Zakwan and Haris to hurry and save me. I had to give him my email though, I was so scared I don't know if I gave him my real one or not. Psh, whatever la.

Zakwan came and saved me, but just after that, I ran into Haris. Goddd, he's like the third twin tower! I went off with Zakwan to meet Rhoma. We just walked and hung around for about an hour or so, then Rhoma had to go off for some Spade party meeting :p Zakwan left with him, so I caught up with Haris after that.

I hung out with his friends at the snooker place. We wanted to watch a movie but we couldn't decide, so yeah. Haris kept cracking jokes and making me laugh like I was nuts. I had loads of fun though, no regrets. I left at about 4.30 with mum and we went to my aunt's place. Had risotto and spaghetti for dinner, yummm (;

I'll be going to school in the morning, and probably Alamanda with the boys in the evening. Chows.

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#8 Oh the melancholy

I'm feeling melancholic.
I don't know why. I just feel that way today.

I woke up at 1.30 when I was supposed to be awake at 11. I called the school, and I felt like fuck after what my teacher had to say. I've got damage control to do on Wednesday *sighs.
Walked to the mamak nearby and met up with Nisha, it's been very long since we hung out. Caught up on the gossip and we planned to have a reunion this Wednesday but everyone is away. Too bad I'm already going to Aussie, I most probably won't join them. I ran back home coz it was going to rain and I'm supposed to be cleaning my room but I'm tired.

I've got 8 days left before I leave. I've got everyday planned out right and I just hope everything will be done before I go.

I think I'm going to highlight my hair maroon today. It's only RM30 at the hair saloon nearby. So yeah.

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#7 Change of heart, change of mind

Hey, so today I was at Taylor's Open Day at their Lakeside Campus, and its huuuuge! Mum and I went for a talk on Architecture, my main choice for a course. It wasn't really helpful though, bleh. Then I talked to this hottie about SAM, hehe. He was so bubbly and all, I wanted to take SAM because of him already :p

Anyway, mum and I walked to the hall where we met some counsellors. We talked about ADP, SAM and the Architecture course at Taylors. Now I can't decide ._. Do I reaaally want to take Architecture immediately? Or should I, as my mum says, waste a year and 20k on SAM? Sheesh, I don't know.

At dinner, dad made it worse by saying he wants me to study in Aussie or Singapore straight away. Pfft whatever. Not helping. We had dinner at the airport where we sent Sam off. Dad surprised Sam with an iTouch before she left. Fucken jealous okay. She's so lucky. At 14, I had zilch. Psh, whatever, I know I'm lucky enough. Can't wait for my turn to Aussie though. But dad said we only get 50AUD a week to spend on shopping -____- VHAT?!

However, I'm still crossing my fingers and toes that dad will get me the Canon 450D that I have been wanting for oh-so long before I leave next Monday. Hmm, this remaning week I have here in Malaysia will be pretty hectic, I've got loads planned out for everyday, but most of them are spending time with friends, but who says it's a waste? :p

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#6 Best thing I never knew I needed

Hellooo :D

Today was a reaaally lazy day. All I did was sit in front of the telly with my laptop and watched movie after movie. I watched Prince Caspian, Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Wanted -.- Mum and Sam went out, but they came home at around 5.

Mum said they met up with dad for late lunch. Apparently, now dad wants to send me to Singapore for college. Like whaaaat? Geez, sometimes I really don't understand my dad. He thinks just coz now he has good money now, it doesn't mean that a year from now he'll still be this financially stable. I've calculated, and dad will be spending about 20k to send Sam and I to Aussie. Pshh, whatever la. I've made up my mind to do SAM here, in Taylors.

Speaking of which, I'm going for Taylor's open day tomorrow with mum, maybe I'll decide which intake I'll go for. Mmm all of a sudden I've got so much to do. I've got backlogged Editorial stuff to do, which means I have to go back to school to settle it, I haven't got time to do my driving license, I haven't got my hair highlighted, there's so many people to meet before I go, my piano exam is in April next year and prom is in FIVE days (!)

And here I am today watching telly and being a pig *sighs.

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#5 Bittersweeeeet

So hey,

We didn't go. Mum was prepared to send us, then dad called. I thought okay, at least we were home then. We could go later. Then my aunt started on how mum always gives in to us and how badly we treat her after we get what we want. And she concluded with, "No, you guys aren't going to that party". Some of her words really hurt me so I started crying. Partly also coz I still wanted to go to Blaze, screw it. The whole night was complete drama. Sam cried, I cried. But hey, we didn't go. Nuff said.

But later on the way home, Haris called. We talked aaaallll the way home, and even longer at home. So he kinda made my night, by making me laugh and all. Thanks (:

Today was boring, I slept at 7 and woke at 3. Got ready and we left early for my err, second cousin's wedding. Mum had to get her hair done and Sam wanted contacts plus she needed to buy her school uniform before she leaves on Sunday. I'm gonna miss her, but it's only for a week before I join her in Aussie (:

The wedding was typical, first wedding in years that I didn't drink. But I ate like a pig, so yeah, whatever. I'm home and I'm bored. I'm gonna blogstalk. Byee!

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#4 Crossing boundaries

Mooorning, oh, I mean afternoon :)

Last night I set my alarm to 10, and I did get up. But like as if everyone doesn't, I went back to sleep. I wouldn't have woken up if Ezrul didn't call me to collect his Blaze ticket. That's what you get for sleeping at 4.30 in the morning. The thing is, I was kinda upset that he didn't want to go with me, but I don't blame him coz I keep changing plans and I can't confirm anything with him. So yeah, I gave him his ticket.

Right now, my mum and my sister are still sleeping. I whispered to my sister that it was almost 2 and she did was point to my mum. So what?! I'M supposed to convince mum to send us? Pffttt. So now should I wait for my mum to wake up or should I wake her now? Blaze is at 8 and I still need to get Sam's dress from Alya and I DON'T HAVE SHOES TO WEAR :(

Okay, I have to go um, bathe. I stink, like seriously. I'll tweet about if I'm going or not. Taaa (;

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#3 Hello desperado


So today my mum and I went to Sunway Pyramid, just to find myself a dress to wear for Blaze or for prom. We went to Forever 21 first and I bumped into Manjusha and Rina there. It's been aaaaages since I saw them. I've known Manju since we were both fatheads, like maybe 7? They were going for a movie, so I thought we would catch up later.

Couldn't find anything I wanted in F21 so we went to Cotton On and Kitschen and still, nothing. In a last, desperate attempt, mum and I went to Asian Avenue. Or better known as lalaland (: But hey, I must say, the place really surprised me. I've only been to the piercing shop there, where Sam got her nose done and I've never really bothered to look around.

I found some really really nice gladiator heels, about 2 inch. RM89.90 but it wasn't to die for so I just left it there. I kinda regret now though, but oh well. Walked around some more, poor mum, her feet were probably killing her but that's why I oh-so love her :D

Since I couldn't find the right dress and we've been there for like 3 hours, I decided to get a high waisted skirt instead. I bought one in Cotton On, and then went to look for something to wear it with. At F21, I was at the sale rack, the ones where they cut prices, and I found this stunning white studded top for RM59. I looked a bit more then I found a brown tube dress which I LOVE! It was RM89 so I just got that instead though I really loved the studded top. Can't have it all eh.

So now I've got this black high waisted and nothing nice to go with it -.- Oh wells. Mmm, I got an express manicure done too, pfft it looks like some dumb shit, I tell you. Caught up with Manju and Rina for awhile after then we came home. Dad said we can't go to Blaze like at last minute so I'm just thinking, if you catch my drift ;)

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#2 Is it too much to ask?

I switched between So You Think You Can Dance and The Biggest Loser Asia earlier and both shows made me want to cry (!) I wish I could dance like SYTYCD contestants and the people on TBLA scare me. Reality sucks. Hmm anyway, there's Gossip Girl on 8TV in about 10 minutes. Yea yea, I'm left behind, so what? As long as I get to drool over Chace Crawford :D

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be in Sunway for dress shopping. I really need something to wear for Blaze, which is like the day after tomorrow :O And shoooeez! I was thinking of oxfords but I don't know where to get them fast. I'll have to settle for something cheap, I guess.

Oh and prom's on the 18th. Heck, it's not even my school prom, but I'm excited all the same. Thanks to Yee Weng who was awesome enough to take me to his since my school doesn't even know what prom is. Which reminds me, I don't have a dress for prom either :( And no money to go shopping ._.

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#1 Do you know the muffin man?

So it's finally over! As I promised, I've officially started my new blog. Yes. New. Again. Haha. This is my fifth blog since 2005 I think? I'm not sure. I've lost count. Heeh.

ANYWAY. SPM is over! No more high school bitchezzz! ROOAAARRR UGABAGA SHAA SHAA! Haha okay, ignore that. I was just expressing my joy :D

Truthfully, I know I could have done better. The thing is, all my studying was so abso-fucking-lutely last minute. Like one-day-before-reading-all-chapters kind of last minute. But then again, I think I did okay. Definitely no 10A+ though, but that's okay.

I'm currently actually unbelieveably surprisingly looking forward to my Australia trip. Yeah, the 6-week one. SHOOOPINGG! I'm so going to make my dad regret sending me there muahahahah :D Beaches, clothes, AUSSIE BOYS, the sea, sun and surf! Are you jealous or vhat? Mmm, I'm leaving on the 21st, so girls, if you want anything, let me know before then okeangs?

The shit part about this freedom is the housework -.- I have to begin with my study table which isn't really a study table but functions as a book-n-paper dump. It's like Mount Everest, I tell you. So yeah, gotta jet. Will blog maybe tonight! Tatas.

Love, Denise.

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