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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#60 Robotic Romance

Laik, oh my gad? It's been awhile since I last updated properly hey.

And it's not like it's even a good time right now, but yeah.

Anyway, things have been pretty nuts. Been really busy in college, and I'm not saying this just for kicks, but I'm really serious. Prom performance auditions just came and left, I'm in the midst of the SAM T-shirt sales which I'm heading, and of course, my never ending assessments. Which are not good by the way. I feel my 95% ATAR slipping away :/

With friends things have been pretty much awesome. Just to name a few precious people, Kelly, Hui Ting, Hee Ching, Ee Von, Colin, Harin, Justin Yee & the CF, Denise Leom & the Council. People that I find myself looking forward to hanging out with everyday. Although it may never be the same as when it was in high school, I guess things are different now. And I've always took pride in my adaptability, and strength when it comes to new environment, so I'm really quite content now.

People are saying I'm really relaxed, considering I'm in March intake and all, but let me tell you something. A duck may look really calm on the surface of the water, just floating around without a care in the world, but the truth is, beneath the water, it's legs are frantically waddling away, trying to stay afloat. Exactly the case with me. Aaand I just realised I just compared myself to a duck. Quack? Haha.

Some pictures of the happenings, mostly around church and CF, but still, life's good in God's presence (:

ECA Day! (; & the mighty awesome CF.

ESL Tutorial, wore heels in college for the first time (:

Bloom Conference 2010

Acts Teens and Acts Campus Gathering!

So yeah! Besides that, I was at Hijjas Kasturi's house for his 'open house' and cultural dance show thing. His house is awesome! As an aspiring architect *ehem ehem*, I'm having fingers and toes crossed to have a home as huge as his one day (;

Will try to update more! See ya :)

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#59 Two's not a crowd.

Or maybe it is. Two thoughts that have been, well, crowding my head.

Sometimes, when two people are sitting on opposite ends of a room, not making eye contact, not looking at each other, people never know. People never know that they might have once spent time together, doing things like ice skating, going to concers, or studying, or not-studying. That maybe, not too long ago, they were as close as two people can get, but now they're just on opposite ends. Or that they held hands before, took pictures together or maybe, just maybe, once loved each other.

Her sandals have always been tearing apart. It's worth quite a bit, she paid more than she normally would have for it. But it's been falling apart. First the soles, then the straps that held everything together. So she sent it to the cobbler, but even they didn't really do a good job fixing her sandals. She was walking to the bus stop when her sandal strap snapped again. She sighed. Looking at it, she felt like throwing it out and just going barefoot. But she couldn't, and she knew it. Out of desperation, she grabs her stapler, and begins stapling the straps together. It wouldn't stick together. Before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face, for she no longer was trying to fix her shoe, but it felt like she was trying (and failing) to staple her life back together.

Funny how the smallest of things can trigger off such a train of thought.

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#58 In my skin-tight jeans

You think I'm pretty, without any makeup on (;

Awesome song, and although I missed her at World Stage, I love Katy Perry to bits. She's so purdy. Hehe.

Been spending a lot of time with Kelly, not that I'm complaining, but yeah. Speaking of which, I should get a picture with her, hm.

I need to prioritise. Im finding that I'm not doing my best. In anything. For Student Council work, Corroboree preps and studies. Prioritise. So much easier said than done. Everyone keeps saying that I'm really relaxed for a SAM March intake student. And yeah, I agree. I know that a full set of A20s is way beyond my reach, I'm just gonna have to work with what I already have. A few phails and one A *sigh.

Oh, I'm beginning to love church more and more. It's like I'm finding something that's been missing for a really long time. I think CF Camp must have ignited a spark that was already within me. I feel this urge of wanting to be better. For my mum, my dad, my sister and for myself. All starting with my studies. Heh :) I know it's not impossible, I just need to focus. Pah, once again, easier said than done.

Okay so I've got a couple of assignments waiting to be done, so yeah. Catch you later.

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#57 The Last Song

Who loves you?
#56 Joy as intense as pain

Hey hi, just a quick clean update.

Things have been mad busy lately. I just got back from a weekend in PD, with the Taylors CF. It was kinda awesome actually :) Ber-bonded with a lot of people, and grew more and more in Christ, fosho.

School's been mad hard. I've been doing really badly, and I realise that. My recent results have been nothing but a huge slap in the face, a big fat reality check. I need to buck up, pronto. I didn't know how hard it would be when I first signed up for this, but I know now, and things are gonna have to change.

There's a whole lotta of others things going on that I would love to blame my bad performance on. My classmates, council stuff, prom stuff, this stuff and that stuff. But I know it all boils down to just me.

Okay, I'm bored already. Will blog again some other time, heh. Bye :)

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