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#65 Twisted Theory

Okay, over a week since my last post, sorreh.

So thing's have been busy. I just finished a whole week of Moral Education with the classmates. We had fun, with the sketches, endless taiti and even doing charity work. Despite the slight (heartbreaking) misunderstanding on the last day, it was pretty good.

I signed up for a membership at Celebrity Fitness and as soon as I signed the contract, I regretted it. I mean, it's money I'm promising to pay for that I don't have. Plus Zoukout is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm broke as hell. There's like, RM6.20 left in my bank account wtfish.

Which is why I now have two jobs :) I went back to teaching at Enopi, I missed the kids a lot. And I'm getting RM8 an hour now, which is awesome. I also got a job in Cloth and Sash, a boutique in Bangsar as well. Today was my first day and I must say it was an interesting experience. I don't get as much as I do tutoring, but it's all good. On average, I'd probably earn about RM1200 a month, which is more than good enough.

Last Friday, we celebrated Ms Hillary Ang's 18th party, organised by yours truly. It was good, but the live band was noisy, hahah. I suppose everyone had a good time, especially the birthday girl, with 3 surprises on one night :) After that I headed down to MOS with SAM people, and the crowd was really sucky. They played techno all night, not really my favourite. But I had a blast from the past with a certain someone towards the end of the night *winks

Happy birthday woman, love you banyak

4/5ths of the Kaki Dilemma and I (;

Yeah, birthday happy ;p

I know I have a stoned face in pretty much all the pictures, I'm not sure why, but yeah. Hahah.

Au revoir.

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