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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#67 Down that road.

Okay, something is seriously wrong with my old passion for blogging. I know the fact that I hardly update causes me to have less, if not none, readers. But oh well. I wanted to blog about Zoukout 2010, but I'll do that in some other post. But for now, Acts Teens Supernatural Camp & Christmas 2010 (:

Singapore dude(;


We are the Red Hippos (:

I received the gift of tongues when I was at camp, saw miracles happen, watch as lives were changed for the better, and had awesome fellowship. I feel like I want to do more in church. I want to serve, have a mentor. But that would require big changes in my lifestyle. I would have to sacrifice a lot of things that I know I'm not willing to give up. Which is selfish and hypocritical of me. I'm praying for direction, and that I will make the right decision when I'm prepared mentally.

Video montage (;

And with uni intakes coming, I have yet to decide where I will be taking my degree, let alone decide on what I want to major in. I mean, yeah, it has always been architecture, but seeing my recent SAM results, maybe I'm not cut out for it after all :/ Which is disappointing. Maybe civil engineering, or quantity surveying. Oh well. We'll see.

Christmas photos (:

Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to all (:

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#66 Take hold, take charge

I've been spending a lot of money I don't have.

I feel horrible. Its like every week, I spend another RM100+ here and there. Clothes, bra, gym membership, Singapore trip this week. Spending money I don't have.

And I feel really bad about it. I need to stop. It's becoming an addiction.