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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#64 Time of your lives.


Corroboree was last night, and it was awesome! After-party was even better, although the music was quite bad, and the crowd wasn't really great.

After I had my hair done at Shawn Cutler, I went to Pyramid will Hillary for a bit. In the spur of the moment, I got my tragus pierced, lol. Wasn't a great idea, since my right ear was throbbing the whole evening. Forgot about it after awhile, but still :)

Reached the hotel around 3, was running around getting things done till 5.30, then got ready. While I'm at it, a big thankyou and hugs to all the committee members; Joe Ian, Eng Khim, Chee Wai, Yi Hui, Chen Shin, Sheila (although she came really, really late ;p), Mervin, Jillian, and of course, the awesome Ms. Low!

I think I looked kinda fat in my dress, haha. Prom King&Queen was a total embarrassment, ugh, calculator girl, haha pfft.

But of course, after party at Coco Banana. I followed Kenn and Rizal, didn't know many people there, but Haikal and Ehsan was there. Danced a lot, can't feel legs now. Didn't drink much as I wasn't looking forward to getting drunk. Dad picked me up at 3ish, although he said 2, hehe. I had loads of fun, except for a few people with their sarcastic remarks that tried to ruin my night, but oh well :)

I remember feeling an overwhelming sadness that everything was going to end, when everyone was walking around, taking pictures. I was going to miss everyone, everything. The whole library group, classmates, and every other random person I've come to know. But you know what, I don't suppose that this is the end. We've all got so many things planned, I'm excited for the future. Now that we've got studies out of the way, let's get our rockstars on, ay? :D

All the pictures will be on youtube, malas la nak upload one by one on blogspot.

Au revoir!

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