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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#43 Egg Mayo Sandwich 101

Hey hi hello! Happy Thursday :D

So today the guys and I were too lazy to think of a place to grab a bite, so we decided to head over to Chern Jin's place to make sandwiches! Stopped by 7Eleven to buy bread the walked the short 5 minutes walk to his place.

I now present to you :

Chern Jin's, Kee Kiat's and Denise's How to Make an Egg Mayo Sandwich Without Phailing (:

Firstly, you need bread, mayo, salt & pepper (important for you may end up running to Herbs&Foods for that, not saying we did ;p), eggs fosho, water and possibly a small fan.

Place some water in a pot till it boils, then slowly lower the eggs into the water coz you don't wait it looking like this :

After 15-20 minutes, pour the water out and start peeling.

Working together is a good idea especially if you only have 20 minutes until class starts.

If it's too hot, that's where the fan comes in ;)

Finally, mash up all the eggs, add mayo and salt & pepper to taste. Optional : add some lime juice for that awesome zest! We didn't have any though ;)

Stuff it all onto some bread and TADAAAAH!

Declare it a non-epicfail experiment, fosho!

From left, Chern Jin's ass, my ass, Kee Kiat's half :D

Thanks to Ming Tat, Szu Jie & Lih Shyan for helping to watch and chowing it all down in less than 5 minutes (Y) Oh, they did help to peel, and *not* complaining that the eggs were too hot :p
We ended up not having enough stuffing and were late for class anyway, but I sure had loads of fun.

Oh, and we were at Sunway watching Kick Ass yesterday. Kicked some ass did it indeed. Stupidly funny movie ;p Once again, I find myself clicking with guys more than girls. The girls in my class no likey me :/ Oh wells.

"So what do you think are some of the systematic errors during this experiment?" - Physics lecturer
"Oh the radius of the circle was hard to maintain" - Zhi Xuan
"Yeah, the clip wasn't in the same place" - Koek Yao
"So that's a systematic error?" - PL
"No" "No" ZX & KY

"What is the structural shape of this molecule" - Chem lecturer
"Trigonal pyramidal!, CH3CH4 bla bla, V-shaped!" -Everyone
"Square -.-" CL

LOL, may not seem funny to you but it was at the time. I love my class haha. And Philip's contagious laughter :D

Now, everyone smile and say, "I ♥ French Fries!" ;p

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#42 Ready, Set, Go!

Hey hi!

This Saturday night is Tokio Hotel's concert, so you gotta be there or be square! Loads of people I know say that Tokio Hotel are for fags, mainly coz of the lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, whom I love ♥ With his almost perfect hair, and sexy voice (unlike freaking Justin Bieber), I can't wait for his performance :D

Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer, and Georg Listing, whoo!

I'll be there with Ikin and her boyfriend, and possibly my sister, although I still think it's unfair that I never went for concerts at 15, and she is. I think she has even went for more than I have. Pssh, how sad.

Anyway, today I had my Physics test, which was an absolute EPIC FAIL! I never expected it to be so hard. I understand all the freaking concepts and shit, I just never knew one could twist it around so much. I'm definitely getting less than 10 out of 30 marks :/

So, lesson learnt. I'm doing previous papers for my Chem test tmrw, because I really really don't want to fail. Its high time I catch up with myself (Y)

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#41 Heart heart heartbreak

M IV ♥
#40 She's shitty coz she ain't me

Hey ho! Finally a longish post (I hope).

So far things have been.. a huge roller coaster of disaster. Over the past two weeks, it's been mixed emotions, crazy talk and spending money.

I stayed over at Hillary's place for about two nights. The picture above was taken by her, after I was forced to try on about 42652 clothes of hers. Surprisingly enough, we're both the same size. Except for her big feet and height. Oh and my bigger bum and her bigger boobs. It was fun, although all we pretty much did was jump around in her room trying on clothes and taking hours to decide what to wear for college the next day. Adrian, her boyfriend drove us to and from college both days, and oh, he's got the same birthday as me (Y) We slept late on both days, causing me to fall asleep in class so many times. Mmm, Hill's brother said to her that I've got a round ass. Gee, thanks for the newsflash. What her 15 year old brother is doing checking out my ass and all, I will never know. We watched Fame, ate too many damn Cheerios and bought clothes online, yay! Love love ♥

Other than that, college has been kinda shitty. HAHA no, not really. I just feel like pointing out that there are too many damn couples around. Like Hill said, all the hot ones are taken. Bahahahaha. Oh and I had my Maths and Spec Maths class test recently. 11/20 for Maths, yo. That's...bad.

For now, I'm staying in Beh Beh's place on weekdays, probably go to work on Friday afternoons after classes, then head back to Sepang for the weekend. I've got my last two driving hours this weekend, then I can book my JPJ test, although I can't say that I can confidently pass the exam. We'll see. I still haven't been to the movies in badonkey years but I did spend money on tops from F21 and a haircut. Thinking about rehighlighting my hair since it's not red anymore, more like shit yellow, as you can see in the picture. But meh, too lazy.

Well um, that's it for now. A shameless request : could anyone reading this please answer this survey for me? No registration or information required, just a favour for yours truly. Thanks. Click here.

Big fat hugs and sloppy kisses, Denise.

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#39 Figments of my imagination

This blog is not dead.
I will update, it's just that I don't have time with all the driving classes, church and college things going on.
It would be a lie to say that I'm not enjoying college, I really am.
I'm opening up to things, and my classmates are really funny :)

I just feel kinda bored here.
And a tad bit alone.
I haven't shopped in DAYS! *proud of myself :p
And I looong for my friends, my old friends.

I'm waiting to get my license, so I can finally drive and take myself out whenever I want.
Three cheers for independance and being alone.

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#38 Beautiful Inside

This is why music makes my world go round. Seriously.
Things have been crazy busy, with homework, church, interning, editoring, piano-ing and fitting in :)
And I'm so completely jaded.

Currently listening to : The song above (: