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#37 Every girl for herself

Hey hello hi,

On my first second day of college, I have managed to :

  • Take a crap in the 10 minutes break between classes,
  • Somehow get myself appointed as class rep,
  • Have an awesome RM5.80 Subway sandwhich for lunch,
  • Introduce myself about 4 times,
  • Find the guy of my dreams,
  • Get lost for the first time in a first lesson,
  • Be amazed by the facilities at Taylors, no joke,
  • Have no people stare at me for any reason (Y)

In other words,
I'm excited :)

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#36 Of orientation and charades

Hey to the ho!

Today, well technically yesterday, was my orientation (like I haven't already posted it everywhere :p) and it was pretty..well.. EPIC?! :)

I must say, at first I was kinda bored with all the speeches going on, and I found myself surrounded by people I normally wouldn't hang out with. But then when they split us into our classes, and started all the ice breaker games, that was when I started to warm up.

The games were seriously funny. There was one where we had to sit in a circle, and everyone had to lie down on the person on their right's lap. I have no idea if I make any sense but who cares. Then 3 people were given a list of words to act out, and the people lying down in that super awkward position had to guess what it was. They were sorta lying down on chairs and every one minute, the facilitators will pull out two chairs. I know it's hard to imagine but it was seriously hilarious. I was one of the 3 who had to act out the words which some of were Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Facebook and other random words. I couldn't really act properly since I was in hysterics laughing at my poor classmates :p

Anyway, there were a few other games, and not to mention a real hottie in class M7 :p
OH OH I'm class M4, btw. So far, there are definitely more guys than girls, I'll update as soon I have more to tell.

It's currently 3AM and I have class in 5 hours. I so shouldn't have taken that 2 and a half indulgent nap. My brain is so fucking awake that I have a headache from trying too hard to sleep.
I have no idea how I'm going to survive on my very first day of class in college. Wish me luck!

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#35 Catastrophic

Just a quick update on what I did this weekend, or the last weekend before my college life starts :)
I know I'm making sorta big deal out of everything, and friends who have already started college tells me it's nothing much, but trust me, it's something to me, alright.

Outing with my boys from high school, before Feck leaves for National Service, can't wait to see him bald :p
For a few of them, it was the first time in Sunway Pyramid, so it was cute seeing them get excited bout everything.
We had half our minds to go ice skating, the other half wanted to watch a movie.
In the end, we ended up just walking around, before they all left for Mid Valley, leaving me to meet up with my dad.

Was supposed to wake up early for a whole day commited to church.
Ended up waking at 1, missing the 11am service and lunch with Matt.
Had lunch at Subway with Haris, although the silly boy wouldn't eat.
Went for 4pm service, signed up for VIP, and I feel sooo good about it.

Orientation at Taylor's College, and I simply can't wait! :)

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#34 Chang behind the wheel

Learners Driving License :)

Eheheh, excuse the picture, I'm just really excited that I'm getting closer to my Satria GTi *winks

Yesterday was Sam's 15th, we didn't celebrate since she had school and all, so we just bought her a cake and surprised her. It was just mum, Sam and I. Great berbonding time. We took lots of pictures, but since it was a surprise, Sam says the pictures can't be uploaded coz she looked ugly. Haha, yeah.

Anyway, today I went for my first driving class ever. Frankly, it was a disaster. First of all, my instructor was ancient. He was like, 65?! And to make things worse, he didn't speak any English so we had to converse in Malay. I think my engine died about 30 times today, and thank goodness I didn't run over anything.

Oh, but when I was halfway driving, a dark brown lizard scrambled out from the dashboard, and knowing how terrified I am of lizards, I totally just let go of everything, the clutch, brakes and steering wheel. The car didn't stop and the lizard was sitting like a feet away from my face. And trust me, that is the closest I will ever get to a lizard. My poor instuctor was freaking out, thinking I was mad when I slammed on the brakes and got out of the car. After he shooed it away, I totally wasn't concentrating anymore, afraid that the lizard might come out again. My instructor couldn't get over my epic move, shaking his head and scolding me in Chinese. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a funny experience, and my instructor even told me to go learn Chinese. Mmmmm hahaha okay. My next class is next week, on Saturday, after the first week of college. How uusum is that? :D

Aaaand, if you haven't already noticed to oh-so fabulous header I have, it's hand drawn by the one and only Atina, and edited by Faiz J, thanks guys!

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#33 Ants in my pants!

HELLO! Today, I've got no work and I'm having a really lazy day with dad today ♥
So I thought, hey, I might as well post useless things about me that you don't really have to know, but I shall because it's my blog, and I can.
Deezaster presents...

(don't ask me why I used pink)

I've been on telly before! Yeah, sure I have. When I was 10 (I think), I was on the Oscar and Friends gameshow, with Sarimah. Damn, I hate that womanz. Haha but yeah. I made it to the second round, the one where you have to choose the next lyrics of a song snippet. The song I got was Wild Wild West by who-the-fish knows. So I lost. It's all good though (Y) It was on NTV7, if my memory serves me well.

I don't like milk. But everything that is made with milk, I'm okay. Like for example, MILK CHOCOLATE. Hell to the yes. And um, oh wait, the list ends there. I'm not a fan of cheese, in fact I only have cheese when nothing else is available. I can't stand mayonnaise and I only eat processed-beyond-recognition yogurt. Butter is okay. What's bread without butter ay.

I'm a sports kinda girl. Yes, you may find that hard to believe. Very very hard to believe. BUT IT'S TRUE. I loooove badminton & softball. I play netball, football occasionally, volleyball (horridly, though) and I swim whenever I can. I thought of learning squash and tennis, but I never had the time. And the rackets. Mai goodness. Oh oh, and foos is a sport too right? Right? Say yes. I know it is.

I wish I was an arts person. You know, like drawing, writing music, dancing and sketching. I can't really do any of those. Well, I can, but I'm no good at it. I get really really jealous when I see people who can draw/dance well. I always wish I started earlier, but yeah. I'm taking architecture because I'm so in love with art, and architecture doesn't really require you to draw so much, what with all the technology. I play the piano, but I can't play by ear. I can, but only a few notes. My chords and all are an epic FAIL. I'm self learning the guitar, and I'm really hoping that I could find some glint of talent in that.

I never complete what I start. There's this really long list of things that I started, whether it was when I was younger or just recently. Part of the list are, ballet (age 4-10), art classes (many stages of my life, and I regret never finishing a proper course), my cross stitch project worth RM300 (yeah, I sew), my church missionaries (when I was 7), school projects, Kumon, and many many other things. I've done loads of things, I just never finish them. The only thing I ever had a real passion for was my piano, which I am literally one step away from completing. I'm going for my diploma soon, so I'm really proud about that. I only regret never finishing my ballet. I really want to dance contemporary. Haha, bummers.

I'm a banana. Not literally of course. And almost everyone knows this. Yeah, yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I can't speak a word of Chinese. Okay, not really true. My street Cantonese is not that bad. And I understand both Mandarin and Cantonese and bit of Teo Chew, Hakka and Hokkien since my whole extended family speaks those dialects. I'm making an effort to learn though, but my pronunciation is like shit because of my fluency in English & Malay.

I have another half, my sister. Well yeah, everyone knows this too. It's always Dee & Sam. And people always think we're twins too. That's coz she's taller than me (BY 2CM KAYZ?), and we both have short hair and glasses. Oh and the fact that we understand each other like no one else does. We're so connected in some bizarre way, people can't help to think we're twins when we're actually 3 years apart. Besides the fact that Sam is mature for her age. What do they feed kids these days, huh? Of course we have our fights, but it never lasts.

I have more guy friends than girls. My dad doesn't like it, mum's okay with it (I think). And I have a real good reason behind it too. Guys are just straight out honest. They tell you what's true, and not what you want to hear. I just love hanging out with my guy friends coz I can just kick back, relax and just be myself by laughing like a retarded hyena without them caring. When I'm with girls however, I always feel so constrained, like they're judging every move I make. And plus, my guys friends, well the ones I have that is, are reaaaally protective. They've come to my rescue countless of times, and would never ever let me do anything stupid, like smoke. I hate the fact that some family members of mine *ehem, don't like it, but I'm sorry.

I am obsessed, I repeat, obsessed with Justin Timberlake. I always have been, since those N'Sync days. Holy gravy, can that boy MOVE. And he's oh so oh so HOT. I wish he would come out with a new album already, I miss being in this weird infatuation mode where all I talk about is Justin Randall Timberlake ♥

I have a thing for bald guys, like Justin Timberlake. So thank goodness I didn't get chosen for PLKN. I would've been in hysterics! And no, that doesn't include oldies. Man who are balding, nuh uh. Boys who have the guts to shave it all off, mhmm, yes please. Oh and guys who are simple. Like shorts and long sleeve tee with shoes, oh my [insert inappropriate swear word here], can I have you pleaseeee? & I absolutely despise guys who wear flops, except if to the pasar malam or mamak. But if you're going out, PLEASE WEAR SHOES. And I like neatness in a guy, I don't understand why so many of has taken it as a personal challenge to grow hair longer than mine. Not cool :/

I can't sleep with the air conditioner on. I used to be able to, but when I started using the fan to save electricity and to reduce chlorofluorocarbon release (cehh), I kinda forgot my air conditioner. So now when I turn it on, it's nice to fall asleep to, but when I wake up, it's like I've released a nose monster. It will run like a fishcake tap, I tell you. And the sneezing, yikes, I could wake up the whole neighbourhood. And the flu will last about 3 days, so yeah. I always sleep with the fan.

I have a thing for going against the overrated. And since going against the overrated is becoming overrated, I'm kinda stuck in a pickle. EXAMPLE. I looooooved Twilight when I read it in 2007, tried getting my friends to read it, but noooo. Then KABOOM, the world is filled with screaming "twi-hards". And Edward Cullen? He's a fictional character, ladies! Puh-leaaaase. Oh and Justin Bieber, I only hate him coz he's got too many fans. I gotta admit his songs are okay, but the voice. Goodness. Okay, I'll stop elaborating now.

I can sleep anytime, anywhere except for when I'm supposed too. Seriously. I once had a group of people tell me that their first impression of me was that I could fall asleep anywhere. Like at some random person's house, seminars (okay, normal), class and especially in the car. But somehow, my brain has been preset to not let me fall asleep before 3AM. I'll just toss and turn in my bed till about 3.30 before I finally sleep, no matter how tired I was. But just leave me waiting somewhere for about 20 minutes, I'll be dozing off like my life was one big snooze fest.

I'm a semi-perfectionist. How freaking cool is that. Haha nah, I just made that up. But seriously. Sometimes, when I really put my mind to something, I want it to be absolutely perfect. Simple stuff like school projects, cooking a meal for my family or arranging my stuff. But when I'm too lazy, I'll just dump everything together and later regret, so I end up doing everything again. I always want things neat and proper but ironically my room is an obstacle course. Call me weird, I'm just limited edition. Okay, I just stole the latter two lines from Facebook, how original :p

I'm not ladylike at all. I have a really loud and contagious laugh. You should hear it, it'll make you laugh even more. And to make things worse, I laugh at almost everything. My mum says I'm too happy, and that my funny bone is too ticklelable. Hahaha. I have always gotten into trouble in class for laughing way too loud, and I can basically never be quiet or sit still. I used to sit like I have no backbone. I still do actually, when no one's looking. And like I said, I always have ants in my pants. Mum used to hate it when I couldn't just sit still, I'd spin around in a revolving chair, make noises and pretty much annoy the hell out of her. But once she started putting me in skirts, I guess I've started behaving more :3 And I'm really messy too, you should see my room. Ask Haris if you don't believe me (;

I have an intense fear of lizards. And frogs. I. Can. Not. Stand. Them. They scare the shit out of me, although they're just sitting there. I hate the way they look, the way they sound and their very existence. I hope I don't end up dreaming of frogs and lizards eating me up alive, but yeah. I won't harm them, I'm too afraid to even go near. Cockroaches I'm okay. Lizards, no freaking way. I just wish they don't inhabit houses :/

I consider myself really lucky. I'm basically already privileged to not be mentally challenged, and that I have 2 arms and 2 legs, 10 fingers and 10 toes. Hey, I even have 4 eyes. I have parents who love me, give me everything they can, and I hardly ask for things except when I really want it (okay, except clothes). My laptop, iPod, phone and all. It's not necessary but I've been blessed with parents who think I deserve it. I may complain about not being able to go out as often as I like, but I still do have a life, and friends. I have a house to live in, a car to drive (soon :p), and a college to go to. Who could ask for more? :)

So there you have it. 17 things about me I bet many people didn't know. I put a lot of effort in this although it really wouldn't affect my life or yours. Why 17? Coz I initially did 15, then added two more and also because I can (:

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#32 Keep on keepin' on

Dad did the honors of scanning in my SPM results.

I wasn't intending to post my results until a certain someone went through with the deal he made, but since the cat's out of the bag, here it is. I must say, I have yet again failed to surprise myself with the A- for Sejarah and the B for Add Maths. All I can say is, I'm happy, and I thank God for this (:

Work has been.. bad. Everytime I say something, I screw up. Everytime I do something, I shouldn't have. Yesterday I was giving out flyers to people in The Curve. And to be honest, this experience has totally disregarded any irritance or annoyance I ever had for people who spam me with flyers in any shopping complexes.

It's not fun, having to stand for 7 hours a day, saying "Excuse me, sir/miss" every five seconds (on a busy weekend, about 15 seconds on a weekday) and being given a 'go away' stare OR, having people see you holding flyers and intentionally walk 5 feet away from you so that you'll look like a complete idiot chasing the person and being rejected anyways (!)

And things with my boss. Fishcake. I keep forgetting that it isn't high school anymore, I can't just skip when I feel like it, or gossip without any big drama. Psh. Welcome to the real world, ay. I'm really really hoping things will turn out fine. I don't want to get fired or something :/

Oh, and for those who have always wanted to ask me something, but never had the balls to, I've got formspring. HERE.

Anywayyy, can't wait for college. Orientation is on the 29th (:


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#31 Time has come

Yes indeed. The time has arrived peoplezzzz! SPM results day *dum dum dummmmm*
To tell you the truth, I was kinda irritated by the people who kept saying they don't want to go tmrw, that they're not gonna tell anyone their results, bla bla bla. I mean come on laaa, there's nothing you can do to change your results. & the only reason why you would feel like shit that way is coz you pretty much just didn't do your best for SPM inniiitt?

Well anyway, its now 9.18, about 42 minutes to the release. I was woken up at 6 by my very very loving and considerate sister who was obviously jealous that I could sleep till about 9 whereas she has to go to school at 6 & hence stomped about in my room until I woke up, thinking I was late *takes a breather*. After that I just slipped in and out of sleep and between dreams.

The fishcake scariest thing was I (obviously) dreamt that I didn't get ANY As but got 7Bs, 2Cs, and a D. Like whaaaaaaaat? Fuck, I'm kinda worried now. I just hope I don't get like really confusing results like 3As, 2Bs, 5Cs, 4Ds, something like that. Something that I can't remember what I got for which subject. Haha <- OMG I LAUGHED.

Okay, nuff with the lameness, I'm going to shower now so I can be nice and yummy for when my parents eat me. Hehe. I miss my friends btw! Haha okay, bye.

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#30 Retainers & Pancakes

Coz we're cool like that.

So today I was at One Utama with my childhood (No, really. It's those Barbie doll crazy days) friends, Marissa & Manjusha :)
Ah yes, we are one Malay who is more Chinese than Malay, one Chinese and a rojak. HAHA. So 1Malaysia right? Bahaha FTW.

I feel bad coz I had the luxury of my dad sending me all the way to OU, whereas Manj had to take a bus (ZOMG) and Marissa had to drive from KK. Kota Kemuning lah tardz. But that's why I love them kan kan? :) Anyway, first thing we did was choose a movie. Must have been fate coz all three of us have not seen Valentine's Day but boo freaking hoo, it wasn't showing anymore. So we opted for The Book of Eli instead, although Manj has already seen it. And we only had to pay for one ticket ;p Coz we're cool like that, mofozzzz.

Before the movie, we had lunch at New York New York Deli. Why in the name of everything that is holy do they need to repeat the word New York, I will never know. As if New York once isn't a big enough impact. Pshh. ANYWAYZ, lunch was gooood. Manj had pancakes. For lunch. Marissa had some awesome sandwhich and I had well, Caesar salad yo. Coz we're coooool like that!

We wanted to go for really sinful desserts so we went to Delicious and actually sat down, looked at the menu and got up and left. Yeah, I didn't skip the ordering and eating part. It didn't happen. Haha well apparently the dessert at Delicious isn't up to our culinary standards! We seriously put on our "muka tak malu" faces and walked out. Baaha. Coz we're coo...ah, you get it. Did some window shopping, made a whole lot of noise and even wanted to go to Toy's R Us but we didn't have time. Mein, I should so totally do this more.

Besides all that action, Sunday was awesome church and Saturday was just work. Back to work tomorrow babyz! And oh, results. Teehee.

OH did I mention all three of us wear retainers? Haha okay, bye.


#29 Don't stop believing

Hey hello,

Know how I said I'd fight back if dad said no? Well he did. Say no, that is. And I didn't. Fight back that is. I think it's because my transport and all that wasn't confirmed and plus I really wanted to prove to my dad that I can be mature enough to take no for an answer and not sulk/stomp/cry like a baby. But c'mon la, it's the 3rd time he has said no. What if I start college and all I wanna do is party coz I never had the chance to? Pfft, good thing I know I'm not like that. So much for a great start to March hey.

Anyway, Bangsar shopping was gooood. Got myself some fucken killler studded heels and a beach dress. There was this satin tube cocktail with studs and another harem jumpsuit with was oh so pweety but I didn't have enough money for both. The auntie who worked there must have really liked me coz she said she would hold both items for me for up to a month till I have money (Y)

Even after only 2 days of work, I find that one simply cannot please everyone. And also that some parents are just too stubborn to believe that their kids are either slow or just too plain stupid that they find the need to blame the poor new tutor who hasn't went for training yet :(

Oh and of course. Results have been confirmed to be released on the 11th. Can't wait! Planning for the Genting trip and primary school reunion soonz (:

PS : John Park and Siobhan Magnus ♥

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#28 Enopi babopi

Meet me.

& I'm the new part time tutor at Bangsar! ;)

Today was my first day, and it was uh, okay. I've fallen in love with a 4 year old with sharp features and curly brown hair who goes by the name of Benjamin Boyl

There were a few kids who were really stubborn and spoilt. Most of them are Eurasians. Wait, let me rephrase that. At least 89% of them are Eurasians and simply gorgeous! And they gotz rich parents too. Muahaha. Ha.

It's pretty easy to teach with all the tools they provide, and I love kids so it's not too bad. I'm going again tmrw, after I go for a little shoe shopping around Bangsar Baru. Speaking of which, I'm planning to go for Havoc, on Thursday. And normally I think of going behind my dad's back but I feel it's time I stop. I'm sure I'm old enough to go for a party in a club, and pfft I've got tonnes of friends doing it waaaay before they turned 18. Heck, my mum and dad were hectic clubbers themselves. It's just one night, so I'm going to ask him, and fight back if he says no. So there. Bah.

Oh and regarding my previous post, I retook my computer test and passed with a 44. Same results as a certain someone :p So yeah, another step towards my license, wooohz.

Besides that, I've been going out quite often, got a few dates planned out with people I haven't seen in a long time. Oh and of course. Results. Some say 11, some say 16. Psh, whatever. Nothing we can do to change what we can't change, right? Hell of course I'm nervous but apa boleh buat kanz? Fishcake.

Uhm, both my phones aren't working. They won't let me text. The Motorola won't let me type anything more than "Yes", "No", "hey", ":)", "imy", "kay", mm yeah you get the idea. It hangs up which is really irritating. & the buttons on the ancient Nokia 5300 decided to not work after I dropped it from about 6 feet high. So yeah. All I can do is call. And don't you love it when people don't answer? (:

Anywayz, I can't wait for college. Haha bye :)

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