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#20 Ready to Rumble

So heyyyy, it's my last post here in Sydney. My flight is in about 4 hours and I'm pretty reluctant yet excited about going home.

It's amazing how fast 6 weeks flew by and it's almost February :D
I've done so much, met a lot of people, all kinds of people from different walks of life and one thing fosho, I've grown. It's been one huge reality check for me as I had to spend money that I didn't have, do housework that I never bothered to do in my own home and hey, I even have a new found love for cooking.

Call it mystery, call it divine intervention, but I'm glad my laptop decided not to connect to the internet at all. And because of that, I got to walk the dog, discover new recipes and basically not waste time at all. But hopefully it'll be okay once I get home, coz it's not fun. Nothing having your own laptop to work.

So now, I think I deserve my own "I went to Sydney, slept on a couch for 6 weeks and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" now hey? Or a " I got bullied by aboriginals for being Asians but I survived" t-shirt huh? :p

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#19 Take It Home


It's been pretty boring around here lately. Sam and I went to Taronga Zoo, hung out with a French dude there, and touched a wombat :D Sam went home about two days ago, so I've been pretty much staying home.

As I've been tweeting lately, I lost my glasses at the beach. Knowing how blind I am without them, I stupidly wore them when I was in the sea, and a frickin' huge wave simply washed my glasses off my face as I was 2 feet under it. We notified the lifeguards and honestly, there isn't much hope of me ever getting it back. I went to the optician nearby, and found out that I can't do an instant test to find out my power (I like that word, powerrr) but instead it takes up to 10 working days or some shit. I wasn't paying attention as soon as I heard the word "$200" for a frickin' eye test.

So I was walking around blindly for 2 days, then Bel borrowed her friend's old glasses for me but the power was too low and it just made me even dizzier and plus I didn't want to risk destroying my eyes :O But then my mum, my lifesaver (as always) had contacted the IFS (google it) of the next flight to Sydney from KL and handed him some contact lens she bought for only RM30 (sooo much better than $200 for a stupid eye test). I was never able to wear contact lenses, I've tried, trust me. But I knew it was my own fault for losing my glasses and so I just had to bear with it. the first day I got em', I tried but phailed. But today! I managed to get them in, praise the heavens for I can finally see! It doesn't solve the astigmatism problem that I have but who cares anyway, double vision only vhat. I'm just looking forward to going home and getting a new pair of glasses. My old ones were 4 years old btw, mind you. Now I'm just wondering how I'm gonna get the contacts out..

My laptop is still refusing to function. I went to a Cafe that had wi-fi for $2 (about RM6.50!) an hour earlier today, but in order to use the internet, I have to order something first. So I went for a flat white coffee (which was so-so) for $3.50. I asked about the wi-fi after I got my coffee and boo frickin' hoo their server was kaput. OH EM GEE why does this shit always always always happen to me? Yeah so what if the logical thing to do was inquire about the wi-fi first, I didn't, so serves me right lah? Pfffffft.
The truth is, I'm glad that my laptop wasn't connecting to the wi-fi at home (which is the only problem with it) coz I'll only be online the whole time if it did. But now that Sam's gone home, I hardly go out and there's nothing at home to do other than walk the dog and do housework! Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I wish I could download my songs or update my twitter without using someone else's laptop. I'm thinking it might be my laptop's network adaptor that isn't working which really really sucks.

I've abandoned my Aussie blog, I know, I'm just too lazy. I will though, I promise. Just give me time. xx, Denise.

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#18 Va-va-vooom :D

Heyy hello!

No, I have not abandoned my blog, I've just been having too much fun in the sun! :D
I wake up early most of the days and come home tired and fall asleep in a click. So yeah, didn't really have much time to sit down and write a proper update. Things have been going slow for now, since we've done (almost) everything one can do while in Sydney.

Sam will be going back on Monday, and I'll be here for another 2 weeks before I return home sweeeet home! I miss everything! There's too many to even list! The food, the prices of food, the people, the lousy public transport and my phone :( And what's worse is that my friends are all already getting their license done, and I have done zilch. Rawr!

But hey, it's not that bad here. I'm finding it to be actually quite comfortable, other than some housework and constant walking, but it's all good. I've been hanging out with Jed's sister, Kim and her boyfriend, Bryce who are 17 too but like waaaaay taller than me. Went swimming, had lunch together and stuff but most of the time it's just me and Sam. Oh btw, she's got twitter @slipperslap. I thought of that name coz she takes like, hmm on average about 2 hours to think of a username?!

The people here are just so friendly, I feel like hugging them. Haha okay not really. But there are like a few drunks sometimes, and really noisy people but still, I love it :) I'm sorta looking forward to going home and sorta not. Finding myself in a pickle *sighs

OH OH and that day at the blue mountains, I saw this b-e-a-utiful guy, with blue eyes and gold wavy hair (seriously!) and I tell you, I was smitten! He actually came and talked to me. I found out that he's backpacking in Sydney, and he's from England *melts. He's going to Melbourne the next day *dies. I was way too awestruck to even ask for his name #FAIL! failfailfailfail! Oh well, I believe in fate brah!

Mmmm, the food! The portions are so huge, I'm surprised I still have 2 meals a day. So far, I haven't had lousy food but maybe that's just me? I've had everything from Italian to Korean and Indian to Lebanese :p Hope I'm not putting on any weight though. Oh and pictures are mostly in the Aussie blog, which I also am very lazy to updatezzzz. Hmm, I'll just upload them on flickr once I get home okeangs people?

Bye for now. Love love love Denise :)

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#17 Nine Times Out of Ten


It's been over an hour that it's 2010 here in Sydney, and I watched the fireworks from the park near my cousin's place. I must say, I wasn't exactly breath-taken with the view, probably because I couldn't see much, and that I felt pretty lonely without closer friends and family. Yeah, I had family (sister and cousin) there but it just didn't feel right. But everyone's tweeting that the fireworks in Sydney are the best ever so err.. haha yeah.

I'm going to be 18 in about 7 months. I'm quite disappointed that I can't finish this sentence.

"At 17, I'm good at/a good..."

I feel like I haven't accomplished anything throughout my whole life. It's frightening and saddening, truthfully. It's not that I want to be all a negative ned during New Year's but it's just a really huge reality check for me. I think it's safe to say that I don't really know who I am yet.

PS : I really wish I was watching lousy fireworks at the Curve with my family or friends rather than watching awesome ones without them.

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