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#27 Outta My Head

Well at least we know I'm not retarded. Or blind.

So yeah, I failed my computer test for my driving license. I'm seriously pissed at myself for so many reasons.

First of all, I thought I could finish early so that then my mum, sister and I could go down to Taylor's Lakeside Campus for the Acts Church 10th anniversary event which I was really really really looking forward to :( I promised so many people, including myself that I would be there but yeah. They don't call me ffk kid for nothing kayz? Failing the test makes it all worse.

Then, I waited for 4 hours (!) before I could take my test and in the end, phail anyway so what's the fishcake point kan? I tell you, some Malaysians take their own sweet time when it comes to certain things like organizing the candidates for the stupid computer test.

And the worst part of it all, I FAILED BY ONE EFFING POINT! One! One! ONE! 1! Satu! FML lah seriously. I'm going again tmrw so fat hopes of me sleeping in late after so many days of waking up early (okay, not really but pfft). I plan to go superman early so I can be one of the first to finish the test tmrw. Dang lah, I just want to get it over with ya know?

And mark my words for tonight I shall actually read the buku soalan thing!

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#26 I rock so hard, you roll.


Today has been somewhat bloody annoying. I didn't sleep all night last night so I got up at about 5, went out to buy eggs and made French toast for the family. Then I got ready for my computer test. Yeah, at about 7 in the morning. The driving class people were supposed to pick me up and normally they would tell me what time to be ready the night before. But they didn't last night. So being the considerate citizen I am (haha), I thought I would just be ready early and wait.

I showered, got dressed and waited till about 9. Okay fine, I didn't actually just sit and wait there like some stupid dipshit, I actually fell asleep. Whatever. Anyway, I had texted them at 7 in the morning to make sure they sent transport, but no response. So I called them when I woke up, and the clerk there said that today they were not sending transport. I was like "WHAT?!". Then I went on to complain about how they already promised and they should have notified me ages ago. The sonofafish made this funny grunting sound then asked her boss or something on what to do. Then she asked me (rudely) for my IC and phone number then hung up before telling me how long more to wait.

About half an hour later, they tried calling my phone but my phone is in this super hormonal stage where I can't answer phone calls. I need a new phone, pa! So my mum called them back on her phone and they told her that the computers were broken. Pah, all 20 of them? Pshhyeah, right. My mum kinda exploded and scolded the woman on the phone (haha!). Meh, feels good to have mummy do my shouting for me :)

Anyway, my test has been postponed to the 28th. I didn't actually want to do it today but I really just wanted to get it over with? So yeah. Yay for me :|

Bah, besides that, my days have seriously been lazy days, only going out when utterly necessary. I watched Wolfman with Ezrul, Sam, mum and grandpa yesterday though. Awkward situation but I kinda liked it (Y) So yeah, life's good.

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#25 Defying Gravity


It's the 4th day of CNY, and I'm staying home today. The past few days have been absolute bliss. My dad won RM600 from my crazy uncle who bet RM300 in one round and had to pay double coz my dad won the round. I won about RM40 in total, meh. Sam and I have calculated, and we've both collected about RM900+ each this year. The most in my whole fishing life :)

Anyway, I went to Sunway with papa yesterday and he was in a huge shopping mood and ended buying 2 things for me, both above RM100 :D Then I met up with mum, and we had Nandos for dinner before going off to my mum's best friend's mother's funeral service *phew.

Auntie PG has been my mum's friend since she was 18, I think, and her daughter Marissa has been my friend for a really long time too. It's been ages since we last hung out, so I was glad to see her at the service. I've always been a fan of her brother, Mahzrin who is 20 this year, 6"1 and too fishing handsome. All the aunties there were swooning at him, no joke. Anyway, after the service, we all wanted to go catch a movie but my mum was tired so we went for a drink at some mamak. I had fun talking to both of them, and Mahzrin is so down to earth although he's so hot. He even asked me for girl advice, haha :D

Today is a lazy day, so I've been pretty much just reading blogs and stalking Facebook friends. I even reread a few of my old blogs which are supposed to be deleted (heh). I realize how differently I blog now. I used to write tons of things and post lots of pictures. Even with my D-SLR now, I don't know why I'm too lazy to post pictures. I should start doing that hey.

My laptop is with dad now, I hope he doesn't have to reformat it to fix it. That's my life he's talking about :/

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#24 Out with the Ox, in with the Tiger


Every year I look forward to this and this year was no exception. It's the year of the tiger peoples *RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!

It's has been life long tradition for my family to spend the whole first day of the New Year by sitting around in my grandma's house, doing our own thing. There would be mahjong, blackjack, sitting around gossiping (aunties, normal right?), watching tv and kids just creating havoc everywhere. Boy, I can't even begin to express how much I love that environment.

This year, I wore a Chinese thing top with a high waisted skirt & I was supposed to take a picture with Sam, but we forgot. Maybe some other time. The lion dancers are performing tmrw, and my mum will be going to my grandma's house too, so I'm really excited. We only played one round of blackjack today. I started off with RM3, went up to RM20+ then lost everything and ended up with RM6. Dad however, being the banker or as we say "chongker" won about RM130 :D Can't wait for another round tmrw (;

Oh, and I've been eating a lot too. Like seriously. I think I had 4 meals today. My grandma's cooking is absolutely the bomb! No one and I swear, no one can cook better than her. As tradition we had the vegetarian dish and tmrw will be all the yummy meats again. And of course, all the cookies and oranges and OH, the mighty "bakkwa"! It ain't Chinese New Year without I tell you.

Man, I love being Chinese :D

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#23 Cause I'm still here breathing now.

Hey hello,

Chinese New Year is close, I've done my shopping for the new year. I bought a traditional Chinese thing top, I'm not sure what it's called, but yeah. It's been years since I last wore something like that for Chinese New Year. Other than that, I've pretty much burned a hole in daddy's pocket buying clothes. I'm going for this black denim jacket for college that I saw in Forever 21. It's not really high fashion or whatever, I just feel like wearing something normal for a change. HAHA. Oh and I'm looking for a new handbag. Hehhh.

Today I went to Sunway, alone. So I asked Haris to come over. We walked around aimlessly and pretty much joked and laughed the whole day. Watched The Spy Next Door, and the cinema was mostly empty so the both of us were practically taking up 3 seats each. And with Haris's mega long legs, takde hal for him lah. HAHA. I laughed like fucking cow through the whole movie but Haris didn't seem to mind, so yeah, heh. I had fun today, I should do this more often ;)

I'm going for a 5 hour course for on driving tmrw, how exciting ._. Just can't wait to get it over with lah. Everyone, and I mean eeeeeeveryone seems to have their L license already, but me. Pfft. Mama says I can drive either her MyVi or Saga but hey, I don't mind, as long as I have a car :p

So yeah, life has been pretty darn awesome, so no complaints.

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#22 What Is Love?

Heyy hello,

It's the 5th of February, already! Sucks that I still haven't decided where I want to go for college or that I still can't put my finger on which course I want...

Well anyway, I just got home from Lim Kok Wing, and I tell you, that place reeks of awesomeness. I love love love the environment which is not good. It's making my decision even harder to make. The architecture course there is cheaper than Taylors (surprisingly) by a bit but I'll have to start in March since my trial results were shit and I can't go for the Feb intake coz of that. Which also means I have another two months to kill and I simply can't wait for college.

So, my dad has impromptu-ly decided for me to take SAM in Taylors so that I have a better foundation for my second degree (LIKE WHAT?). Yeah, dad says he would prefer if I took a 2nd degree after my architecture. And by prefer, he means he wants. Mhmm. I'm thinking Chemical Engineering but hey, one step at a time, right? Plus, he prefers (heh) that after SAM, I go overseas to study, like in England or some shit but like I said, one step at a time. I don't want to rush my decision in these two months and regret later, so yeah, SAM.

Other than that, things have been pretty good. I'm going for my Grade 8 practical in August, then most likely my Diploma after that. I'm going to be staying with Beh Beh, my piano teacher coz it's nearer to Taylors. Oh, and I've finally registered for my license which will take about up to 2 months to finalise (yay!).

OHHH CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING! Haha sudden wave of excitement :p I haven't done any CNY shopping yet, we'll probably go on Sunday. Can't wait for all the gambling, food and ang pau money. Ngahahaha.

I'm happy :)

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#21 We've got some Diem to Carpe


My flight had arrived on Friday, and it was pretty good. I didn't sleep instead I watched like 4 movies. Fame was so freaking awesome and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs was beyond funny.

Ever since I came back, I've been pretty much catching up on everything. My laptop still can't connect to the internet to my dismay, so I'll be asking the Dell people to come and get it fixed for free coz it been less than a year since I've had it. The first thing I did was of course, get my new glasses picked out. It's pretty much like my old one but brown :D

I went back for piano class, and I've got a lunch date tmrw with Khei Qi, Beh Beh and others, and I'm really excited, since I haven't seen them in ages. I'm planning to register for my license on Friday, something which I can't wait to get started on.

Other than that, my days are just filled with spending time with my parents but I'm gonna start catching up with people asap.

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