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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#52 You know you lookin' at a winner

Hey hi!

I know I haven't been updating in awhile, I'm sorry. Somehow I'm just not as inspired as I was before. But oh well, Imma try my best now :)

As usual, college is just plain insane, with assessments almost everyday. Class tests, aural tests, pratical tests, the list just goes on. I had a week's worth of holidays after a week of Malaysian Studies, which was pretty fun actually, considering the fact that we slept, played DotA/CS/Plants Vs Zombies, talked, did more sleeping, and did very little listening to the lecture throughout the whole week. Poor Mr. Tong /;

&& during my hols', I finally got my haircut, and it's really different. I got it done at Shawn Cutler, but it was worth the RM65 (;

There was a class BBQ on the 11th of June, not a lot came. Mfourians are hard to work with, HAHA! Mmm, I kid. Most of them are from other states, so yeah, most of them were back home during the hols'. It was nice, especially since the house we had it at was gigantorous! Two houses connected, four floors, seven dogs, seven cars, security key needed for every floor and don't even get me started on the rooms! Mmm, it was a nice night.

On the 17th, I stayed over CheyJackson's place with Sam. We (Chey and us) are somehow related, big long family story about it. We were at Pyramid for quite awhile, waiting for KaiZawawi to arrive. It's my first time meeting her, she's really nice, and has nice stuff too, heheh. We were really bored, and it was too exy for us to go karaoke, so we decided on Night Park in Sunway Lagoon instead. We got so, wet. Went home at 10-ish, and I slept pretty early since I had college the next morning. Borrowed some of Chey's clothes too (;

Oh, then there was the long awaited primary school reunion on the 19th, which was pure madness. Well, not the dinner at Marche, which honestly sucked. Not only was it too darn exy, it was pretty tasteless. Al-Safar would have done much better. Mmm, it was the after party that rocked the night. I'll spare you the details, I can't really remember much of it anyways (; All I know is that we were playing cards and having a few shots. Enough said. Thank you JocelynTiong, MichelleCheah, LoiSueAun, LeeCheeFai, IsaiahJoshuaThomas, YangKokWeng, MuhammadFadzil, SebastianSaw for the crazy night. KieranIdris & BonnieNg too, although they left earlier.

On a random note, I'm thinking bout quitting my tutoring job, but hmmm. && I have a teeny tiny crush on someone I shouldn't be having one on (;

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