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"We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them." - The Virgin Suicides
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#50 Trying times.

It's just insane! Time has been just whizzing by, and it's already June! Half a year has came and gone, and what have I been doing? Well, lemme a-tell you what I've been doing (;

Of course, the first month was well spent in Australia, and I recall pretty much just lazing around and oh, working in Enopi during Feb & March. Then of course, college. Hard to believe it's already two months, and I can still remember the first day as crisp as it was just yesterday. All of us doe-eyed, and innocent. Hardly speaking to one another and now boom! We're just chattering away non-stop, finding things in common with one another, and pretty much just getting along pretty awesome.

Imma upload some random pictures of the things I've been doing this year, and later, a list of significant things I've done, and things yet to be done (: Enjoy!

Ikmal's 18th.

I miss Kinoko!

Sydney Opera House toilet. Just for bragging rights :D


Ezrul's 18th.

The Blue Mountains.

Pancakes at the Rocks.

Tokio Hotel & new friends.

Iskang (;

New Years (;

All the pictures are in random order, captions took me quite awhile :p

Things That Matter
1) Learn to live independantly, when I'm away from home, like in Australia. Even now, I live in someone else's home, things I do here, do matter.
2) Expanded my circle of friends. College friends are the bomb (;
3) Realize the value of money. Every cent makes the difference.
4) Find that time really doesn't wait for procrastinators. Things have to be done. 
5) Sometimes it's not all about you. Every decision you make affects others, whether you know it or not.
6) And of course, I've grown. In so many ways. Most significantly, in my spiritual path. I'm looking onto God more and more.

Things To Be Done
1) Celebrate that 18th birthday (;
2) Get that license done.
3) Catchup time with so, so many others.
4) Generally just complete my SAM programme without epic failing.

I've got the 6 Efisyen reunion coming up, and I can't wait to see how much we've all grown since 2004. Oh and Corroberee, although it's a really long time from now, I've already began picking out suitable dates, hehe.

Currently listening to : Winner by Jamie Foxx ft Justin Timberlake & TI (;

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